My Photographic Style

It is important for you to think about what approach you would like from your photographer. If you are looking for photographs of predominantly naturally occurring moments, unposed, I am likely to have the approach that will suit your taste in wedding photography. I like to work as a photojournalist who observes the events and moments of the day. Brides often tell me afterwards that the day went so fast they hardly had time to step back and take it all in and when they see their photographs they are often seeing these moments for the first time – moments that they were unaware of on the day. It’s these unpredictable and fleeting moments that I love to capture and what makes this job such an enjoyable privilege! 

There may be some moments when, for example, there is a beautiful light or sunset where I might suggest we take a few minutes to take some couple shots outside, but for the most part I will be working unobtrusively, mingling and capturing moments of you and your guests. If you would like some group shots I will aim to do them in a relaxed manner but quite swiftly so as not to take up too much time out of your day. Although these ‘mantlepiece’ photographs are important,  for me they do not have the significant or the depth of interest as the ones I take of naturally occurring moments.  There is a world of difference between a photograph of a naturally occurring moment and one where people pose or are ‘camera aware’.

What strikes me is the uniqueness of each wedding I attend. Sure, there will always be the preparations, the ceremony, the shared meal and celebrations at every wedding. These elements are, if you excuse the wedding reference, the “table plan” of the day. The uniqueness comes from the individual players, their emotions and interactions. I like to understand people, and having photographed many weddings I now have the experience of understanding a scene, how it’s evolving and where to stand to best record the moment. The longer I’ve been in this game, the more I use my ears to judge where the action is happening – when I hear a moment is happening I am alerted to it and I capture it. It’s these unique moments that form the tapestry of a couple’s wedding. 

Wedding photography is in my opinion about the people at a wedding not the venue. That said, I go to great lengths of ensuring that I capture all the details of a wedding from the table decorations and flowers to shots of the venue – after all you’ve spent a lot of time and money on making sure everything looks just right! Rest assured you’ll get a perfect memento of the day.

Finally, it’s worth bearing in mind that wedding photographs are a family legacy. They record what is perhaps of one of the most significant events in your lives together. You will look at them many times over the course of your lives and you will share them with your children and grandchildren. You probably already appreciate the special family photographs of your parents and grandparents when they were younger. These photos are precious – these photos are something – something to treasure forever. 

Thank you for reading. Have a look at my blog to see some weddings I have photographed and why not get in touch to see if your date is free?



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