Destination Wedding Photography

There is a world elsewhere.” (Coriolanus, Shakespeare)

I have been extremely fortunate to travel around the world and see many wonderful continents. I spent a year travelling around the world seeing such rich cultures as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Brazil. It is a trite saying but travel really does broaden the mind. Shooting destination weddings allows me to combine both my love of both photography and travel.

If you’re reading this then firstly – great, we are on the same wavelength! Secondly, congratulations on choosing to celebrate your special day abroad. Photographing any wedding is a tremendous honour, but being asked to photograph a wedding abroad is a very special privilege indeed.

Should I book a Local photographer? This is an important consideration. After all, many hotels around the world have local, recommended photographers. Some may offer a quality service but there is always going to be a certain element of doubt. Is it worth leaving such an important decision to chance? I would argue – no, it is not. I have heard too many horror stories about couples being disappointed with cheesy, formulaic photos always taken in the same locations. My style of photography combines documentary photography (documenting all the joy and beauty of the day so that you can relive the day exactly as it was), together with unique and stunning portraits. If you are hooked on a particular photographer’s work that you have been following for a while, then choosing them to photograph your destination wedding is the safest, most sensible plan to avoid any nasty surprises!




My fee is exactly the same as a UK wedding – I don’t charge extra for a ‘weekend buyout’. I may forfeit the opportunity to photograph weddings during my time away (often I will shoot 2 in a row) but as I mentioned previously I see destination weddings as a very special privilege and I therefore prioritise for them.

Coverage on the day

I am happy to shoot the whole day right from bridal preparations in the morning to people jumping in the swimming pool at midnight!

Logistics – travel, accommodation, transfers

Here are my costs you will need to factor in:

  1. Flights – To and from your location

The location of your destination wedding and its time zone will have a bearing on how long before the wedding I’d need to arrive. For a European wedding for example, I would only need to arrive the day before. However, for a different continent involving a long-haul flight I would prefer to get there 2 days in advance. This allows a safety buffer in case of travel delays. It is also important for me to arrive early, to scout the venue for photo locations, to take some stablishing shots of the venues and to feel settled for the wedding ahead. I am happy to do an engagement shoot the day before the wedding at no extra cost which will provide you with some stunning photos and will make you feel more comfortable about having your photos taken on your wedding day.

  1. Hotel accommodation during my stay

It is usually a good idea for me to stay in the same hotel as your guests so I don’t have to travel far on the day of the wedding, but I am happy to stay in an alternative hotel if it is near the ceremony venue.

  1. Transportation – Taxi, bus or train cost from the airport

I will need to charge for transportation to and from the UK airport and to and from the destination airport and the hotel.

I hope all the above covers all of the questions you might have about destination wedding photography. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me any questions.

Let’s make this happen! I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂




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