West Midlands Wedding Photography at Wethele Manor

Becky and Tom’s Summer Wedding at Wethele Manor

Becky and Tom’s wonderful wedding took place on a glorious summer’s day at Wethele Manor. The day started with bridal preparations at Becky’s home with her three bridesmaids and two paige boys, and then on to St Charles Borromeo in Hampton on the Hill for the ceremony. Becky had the most fabulous bouquet of summer flowers and both this and her radiant smile lit up the day. In the church a very elegant string ensemble provided the music. After the service we went on to Wethele Manor for the celebrations. The bridal car was a terrific E-type Jaguar – owned by Tom’s Dad, and was the envy of many of the guests (me included!).

The Wedding Ceremony

The grounds of Wethele Manor, bathed in sunshine, were a great place for the drinks reception and canapés and accompanied by two guitar players. We had time to mingle with friends and family before taking some couple shots in the gardens. Then on we went to the wedding breakfast in the marquee which had been decorated with flowers and balloons. The after dinner speeches were hilarious and kept everyone in stitches.

As the day progressed we were entertained by a magician and Tom, himself a bit of a guitarist, struck up a few notes! In the evening the dancing started. A little girl and boy, clearly practising for Strictly, were very much enjoying the dancing as you will see from the photographs! A lovely wedding, enjoyed by all.

Why I like Wedding Photography at Wethele Manor

I have photographed so many weddings at Wethele Manor and I love it there. It is in a beautiful part of the West Midlands yet is easily accessible for wedding guests. Weddings can be held in the old barn with its beautiful beams or in a marquee in the grounds. There is a lovely old cottage where brides or grooms can get ready. In addition there are two wooden lodges by the small lake which brides can use for their preparations. The informal gardens provide a relaxed, natural backdrop for couple shots and there are fields which can be accessed for photographs. Wethele is a truly lovely venue.

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