Wedding Photographer Compton Verney: Kyle & James

I was so thrilled when Kyle and James asked me to photograph their wedding at Compton Verney in Warwickshire as I had not had the pleasure of photographing a wedding there before. The day’s wedding photography started for me in the pub which was nice! I probably shouldn’t let on but the guys had a good drink in the White Lion beforehand! The pub is just opposite the church. I even caught the vicar dashing out of the pub at one point – but in his defence I think he was trying to find someone! The vicar was a fabulously laid back and a wonderful guy who said I could stand and take photos anywhere I liked in the church – he even didn’t object to my using flash photography (not that I did – too distracting!).

Church Service at Hampton In St Mary and St Bartholomew

This was such a happy wedding which really comes through in the photographs. Kyle didn’t seem nervous at all standing outside the church, where she was laughing and smiling. Come to think of it  – James didn’t appear too nervous either! This wonderful, relaxed atmosphere continued throughout the day and evening. I had previously shot an engagement session for Kyle and James so they were really relaxed with me in front of the camera which definitely made a big difference.

During the service you may wonder from the photographs why a toilet roll appears! This was not to wipe away the tears! The vicar, somewhat comically presented a gift- wrapped wedding present to the bemused couple. In the words of the vicar he hoped their marriage would be like the toilet roll – “soft, strong and very, very long”. This wonderful simile had the whole congregation laughing!

Compton Verney: fabulous Warwickshire wedding venue

After the church service the wedding party moved to Compton Verney for the wedding reception. Compton Verney is the most wonderful venue for weddings – once a stately home and now a fine art gallery- making it a beautiful backdrop for the celebrations. Set in 12o acres of parkland bride and groom photographs look so elegant in the Capability Brown landscaped grounds. The weather on the day was delightful so the champagne reception could take place in the courtyard. If you’re looking for a fabulous wedding venue, Compton Verney, located 9 miles from Stratford, should definitely be on your visit list!

Kyle and James made me feel very welcome and I wish them every happiness and success in their future lives together.

The shopkeeper was keen to know what all the commotion was about! 😀

I didn’t intentionally put the next two together – cracked me up the first time I saw it! 😀 

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Frank Wood