Charlotte Chris Compton086Today on the blog is the fabulous Easter wedding of Charlotte and Chris at Compton Verney. Bridal preparations took place at Walton Hall – a magnificent 16th Century mansion not far from the wedding venue – Compton Verney in Warwickshire. I photograph many weddings at Compton Verney – eight in total this year – it really is such a fabulous wedding venue as you’ll see from the photos below!

There was an Easter theme for the wedding with personalised Lindt bunnies for the table and cake top created by Charlotte’s mum. On the tables were Meant to Bee personalised seed favours by Wedding in a Teacup. Compton Verney was looking glorious as always and Passion For Flowers did a fantastic job making Adam Hall look even more beautiful. The addition of Narcissus daffodils lining the aisle added to the Easter feeling. I really enjoyed the live music performed during the ceremony (Melisma Music) with pieces including L’Onde by Einaudi. In fact that reminds me I remember telling Charlotte during bridal prep that I could play that piece by Einaudi on the piano (badly, admittedly) which she couldn’t believe! To my shame I am a Classic FM fan – but don’t tell anyone… The classical music continued during the drinks reception with Midsummer Flute and String Quartet performing beautifully, entertaining  guests while they drank champagne. Live music was the order of the day and featured in the evening with the Zuzumen playing Florence and the Machine’s “You Got the Love” for  Charlotte and Chris’ first dance. Jonathan’s Fireworks provided a fantastic finale to the day with a spectacular show over the lake – all in all a fantastic wedding! How I love my job! Congratulations Charlotte and Chris! x

You may recognise these two faces on the cover of the Compton Verney wedding brochure!

Gown: Jesus Peiro from Isaac Charles Bridal

Shoes: Antonia Courts by Rainbow Club also from Isaac Charles Bridal

Hair: Fay Smith from HairHostess UK

Makeup: Nives Bradley

Flowers: Passion For Flowers

Charlotte Chris Compton001Charlotte Chris Compton002Charlotte Chris Compton007Charlotte Chris Compton010Charlotte Chris Compton004Charlotte Chris Compton005Charlotte Chris Compton006Charlotte Chris Compton008Charlotte Chris Compton011Charlotte Chris Compton012Charlotte Chris Compton013Charlotte Chris Compton014Charlotte Chris Compton015Charlotte Chris Compton016Charlotte Chris Compton017Charlotte Chris Compton018Charlotte Chris Compton019Charlotte Chris Compton020Charlotte Chris Compton021Charlotte Chris Compton022Charlotte Chris Compton023Charlotte Chris Compton024Charlotte Chris Compton082Charlotte Chris Compton027Charlotte Chris Compton028Charlotte Chris Compton026Charlotte Chris Compton029Charlotte Chris Compton025Charlotte Chris Compton030Charlotte Chris Compton031Charlotte Chris Compton032Charlotte Chris Compton033Charlotte Chris Compton034Charlotte Chris Compton035Charlotte Chris Compton036Charlotte Chris Compton038Charlotte Chris Compton039Charlotte Chris Compton040Charlotte Chris Compton041Charlotte Chris Compton042Charlotte Chris Compton043Charlotte Chris Compton044Charlotte Chris Compton045Charlotte Chris Compton046Charlotte Chris Compton047Charlotte Chris Compton048Charlotte Chris Compton049Charlotte Chris Compton050Charlotte Chris Compton052Charlotte Chris Compton053Charlotte Chris Compton054Charlotte Chris Compton055Charlotte Chris Compton056Charlotte Chris Compton057Charlotte Chris Compton058Charlotte Chris Compton059Charlotte Chris Compton060Charlotte Chris Compton061Charlotte Chris Compton062Charlotte Chris Compton063Charlotte Chris Compton064Charlotte Chris Compton065Charlotte Chris Compton066Charlotte Chris Compton067Charlotte Chris Compton068Charlotte Chris Compton069Charlotte Chris Compton070Charlotte Chris Compton071Charlotte Chris Compton072Charlotte Chris Compton074Charlotte Chris Compton075Charlotte Chris Compton076Charlotte Chris Compton077Charlotte Chris Compton078Charlotte Chris Compton079Charlotte Chris Compton080Charlotte Chris Compton081Charlotte Chris Compton083Charlotte Chris Compton084Charlotte Chris Compton085Charlotte Chris Compton087Charlotte Chris Compton088Charlotte Chris Compton089Charlotte Chris Compton090Charlotte Chris Compton091Charlotte Chris Compton092Charlotte Chris Compton093Charlotte Chris Compton094Charlotte Chris Compton095Charlotte Chris Compton096Charlotte Chris Compton097Charlotte Chris Compton098Charlotte Chris Compton099Charlotte Chris Compton100Charlotte Chris Compton101Charlotte Chris Compton102Charlotte Chris Compton103


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