Abi & Nick Wedding096Today on the blog is Abi and Nick’s glorious wedding at Berrow Court Edgbaston in Birmingham. I had not previously photographed a wedding at Berrow Court – what a lovely wedding venue it is. It’s hidden away in Edgbaston not far from the White Swan Pub (or is it the Dirty Duck – I’m sure it used to be called the Dirty Duck!) in Edgbaston. The day started with bridal prep at Malmaison in the Mailbox. After capturing some lovely moments including Abi giving her bridesmaids a beautiful ring each (see pic) I headed to the pub to get some shots of the chaps. After a pint (many thanks for that BTW 😀 ) I headed over the road to capture the guests arriving.

The ceremony room in Berrow Court is delightful – such elegant, full length windows. I was a bit upset the registrar wouldn’t allow me to take any photos during the ceremony. I cheekily ignored this and hid at the back capturing what I could without being forcibly removed from the premises ;-). After the ceremony the wedding party spilled out into the garden as it was such a beautifully sunny day. The grounds are fairly small but provided a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom portraits. I had a fabulous time as I know Abi and Nick did! I can’t wait to show them the very large and luxurious album they have ordered. Congratulations Abi and Nick! 🙂

“The photos are absolutely amazing : ) we really love them. Thank you for making our day a lasting memory.” Abi & Nick

Abi & Nick Wedding022Abi & Nick Wedding003Abi & Nick Wedding004Abi & Nick Wedding005Abi & Nick Wedding006

The bridesmaids’ gifts: Abi & Nick Wedding019Abi & Nick Wedding008Abi & Nick Wedding009Abi & Nick Wedding010Abi & Nick Wedding011Abi & Nick Wedding007Abi & Nick Wedding012Abi & Nick Wedding013Abi & Nick Wedding014Abi & Nick Wedding015Abi & Nick Wedding016Abi & Nick Wedding017Abi & Nick Wedding018Abi & Nick Wedding020Abi & Nick Wedding021Abi & Nick Wedding023Abi & Nick Wedding024Abi & Nick Wedding025

Abi & Nick Wedding001-2Abi & Nick Wedding002-2Abi & Nick Wedding004-2Abi & Nick Wedding003-2

Abi & Nick Wedding058Abi & Nick Wedding042Abi & Nick Wedding054Abi & Nick Wedding031Abi & Nick Wedding033Abi & Nick Wedding034Abi & Nick Wedding037Abi & Nick Wedding038Abi & Nick Wedding039Abi & Nick Wedding040Abi & Nick Wedding041Abi & Nick Wedding043Abi & Nick Wedding045Abi & Nick Wedding046Abi & Nick Wedding044Abi & Nick Wedding048Abi & Nick Wedding049Abi & Nick Wedding050Abi & Nick Wedding051Abi & Nick Wedding052Abi & Nick Wedding053Abi & Nick Wedding055Abi & Nick Wedding056Abi & Nick Wedding057Abi & Nick Wedding060Abi & Nick Wedding061Abi & Nick Wedding059Abi & Nick Wedding062Abi & Nick Wedding063Abi & Nick Wedding064Abi & Nick Wedding065Abi & Nick Wedding073Abi & Nick Wedding066Abi & Nick Wedding067Abi & Nick Wedding068Abi & Nick Wedding069

It’s always lovely to see one of my signing frames on display at weddings! Here is a photo from Abi and Nick’s engagement shoot: Abi & Nick Wedding026Abi & Nick Wedding070Abi & Nick Wedding096Abi & Nick Wedding097Abi & Nick Wedding099Abi & Nick Wedding101Abi & Nick Wedding100Abi & Nick Wedding098Abi & Nick Wedding104Abi & Nick Wedding072Abi & Nick Wedding071Abi & Nick Wedding074Abi & Nick Wedding075Abi & Nick Wedding076Abi & Nick Wedding077Abi & Nick Wedding078Abi & Nick Wedding036Abi & Nick Wedding032Abi & Nick Wedding079 Abi & Nick Wedding081Abi & Nick Wedding028Abi & Nick Wedding027Abi & Nick Wedding029Abi & Nick Wedding087Abi & Nick Wedding083Abi & Nick Wedding082Abi & Nick Wedding084Abi & Nick Wedding085Abi & Nick Wedding086Abi & Nick Wedding088Abi & Nick Wedding089Abi & Nick Wedding090Abi & Nick Wedding091Abi & Nick Wedding092Abi & Nick Wedding093Abi & Nick Wedding094Abi & Nick Wedding095

Abi & Nick Wedding102Abi & Nick Wedding103Abi & Nick Wedding105Abi & Nick Wedding107Abi & Nick Wedding108Abi & Nick Wedding106Thanks for reading! If you’re looking for a Berrow Court wedding photographer I’d love to hear from you! Please do get in touch!