Shustoke Barn Wedding Photography Kiri and Julian

Wedding preparations and Ceremony

Kiri and Julian’s wedding at Shustoke Barn was definitely an affair for dog lovers! Their cute little terrier has a big part in their relationship and had a starring role in their wedding. We started the day at Kiri’s home in Moseley for bridal prep and champagne before moving on to Shustoke Church for the ceremony. The bride arrived with dog which had been expertly kitted out in a waistcoat style outfit complete with white collar, red buttons and neckerchief!  A glorious bouquet of summer flowers contributed to the fun and happiness of the day.

On to Shustoke Barn for the wedding Reception

I love the joyousness of Kiri and Julian as they leave the church, standing in their little car through an open roof. Kiri is holding her flowers and Julian is holding the dog! What a sight! Then, seated and belted, off they went to Shustoke Barn. After reception drinks and canapés in the courtyard greeting their guests, we took a few couple shots before moving in to the reception. After the meal the speeches were fun, full of good humour, not to mention just a little embarrassment, we had time to relax before the start of the evening party. Dancing and sparklers added to the fun of a memorable wedding.

Why I love Wedding Photography at Shustoke Barn

I have photographed so any weddings at Shustoke and I must admit the barn itself is one of my favourites. The internal timbers look extremely sculptural as if they had been designed as an elegant and beautiful backdrop for weddings. The courtyard is also a cosy and intimate space for receptions and the whole place has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which is ideal for natural and relaxed weddings.