Lanzarote Wedding Photography

I was so thrilled when Lisa and Phil asked me to photograph their destination wedding in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. I was a little nervous as Phil is a wedding photographer himself – no pressure there then! This wedding was such an honour to shoot and one of the real highlights of my wedding photography career – so humbling that someone has flown you to their dream destination and trusted you photograph their intimate wedding.

Wedding Photography in the Canary Islands

I’ve been to the Canary Islands before – I’ve been to Tenerife many times – a wonderful island, but having never been to Lanzarote I was really excited to see what it had in store. It didn’t disappoint – beautiful clear blue skies, not too hot, wonderful views over the volcanic landscape. Lisa got ready at her father’s villa – a stunning location set amid palm trees and tropical flowers. Phil was nearby in another villa getting ready with the boys. After bridal & groom prep we headed down to the church at Playa Blanca Marina. By 1pm the heat was pretty intense – I had a sweat on. Phil said to me at the front of the church “I thought I was the one supposed to be sweating?” 😀 The service was beautiful, with some touching readings. We then headed to a nearby bar where sangria was served to guests with a classical guitarist adding a wonderful Spanish soundtrack. After about an hour when Phil and Lisa had had a chance to chat and thank their guests we then headed to the reception venue, El Restaurante Mirador. Guests enjoyed the wedding breakfast with the most fabulous backdrop of boats bobbing in the harbour. The speeches were hilarious and as always I was delighted to capture so many wonderful moments and facial expressions.

Bride & Groom Portraits at Playa Del Papagayo

In planning the wedding Lisa and Phil had told me about a beach, Playa Del Papagayo, which was really special to them where they really wanted to have some portraits taken. I was well up for this and was only too happy to oblige! We waited until about 8pm then headed to the beach when the light had become rather special as the sun started to disappear behind the horizon. Nice choice guys – great idea! After some gorgeous portraits we headed back to the reception venue for cake cutting, first dance and dancing into the night. It was such a fabulous wedding, I enjoyed every minute of it! I was gutted I had to get back to England fairly swiftly to photograph a wedding – I could have happily stayed there a few days! Congratulations Lisa and Phil! Enjoy the photos! 🙂

A big thanks to Rocks and Roses wedding planners who looked after us magnificently. Also a big shout out to Perfect Moment Films – I had a great time with you guys – we had so much fun! If you’re looking for high class wedding videography do get in touch with them!

“Hi Frank, Just want to say the biggest THANKYOU from Phil and I for photographing our wedding! You couldn’t do enough and were discreet and professional throughout. We love every single one of our images and with both of us being in the industry it goes without saying that choosing the perfect man for the job was imperative! Hope to work with you again in the future! Lisa x”


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If you’re looking for a Lanzarote wedding photographer or you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer do get in touch – I’d love to be involved.

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Frank Wood

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