Jo & David Orchardleigh018And now a segway into Orchardleigh House Wedding Photography 😉

I met Jo and David who were guests at Kyle and James’ beautiful wedding I photographed last year, and was delighted when they got in touch and asked me to photograph their wedding. It was wonderful to see Kyle and James who were guests at Jo and David’s wedding.

Orchardleigh House is a Grade II listed Victorian country house set in the vast Orchardleigh Estate in Frome, Somerset. It’s about as fabulous a wedding venue as you can get. Bridal preparations started at one of the many cottages on the estate where Jo had her hair and makeup done, then continued with the dress at the beautiful bridal suite at the house.

Unbeknownst to David, who has a love for Segways, as a surprise he was to arrive with the groomsmen on Segways at the house. He was given a brief safety tour with the guys while Jo was getting ready. It was quite an entrance!

I loved the Scottish theme of this wedding – even old Lucy the labrador was kitted out in fine Scottish attire! A bagpiper welcomed the groomsmen and led Jo and her father down the aisle – he also featured in the Celidh band which were great fun in the evening.

Congratulations Jo and David – I wish you both every happiness! Thanks for having me along. 🙂

Jo & David Orchardleigh008Jo & David Orchardleigh004Jo & David Orchardleigh003 Jo & David Orchardleigh005Jo & David Orchardleigh006
Jo & David Orchardleigh009Jo & David Orchardleigh010Jo & David Orchardleigh011Jo & David Orchardleigh012Jo & David Orchardleigh001Jo & David Orchardleigh013Jo & David Orchardleigh016Jo & David Orchardleigh015Jo & David Orchardleigh029 Jo & David Orchardleigh017 Jo & David Orchardleigh019Jo & David Orchardleigh020Jo & David Orchardleigh021Jo & David Orchardleigh022Jo & David Orchardleigh023Jo & David Orchardleigh024Jo & David Orchardleigh025Jo & David Orchardleigh026Jo & David Orchardleigh027Jo & David Orchardleigh031Jo & David Orchardleigh032Jo & David Orchardleigh033Jo & David Orchardleigh035Jo & David Orchardleigh037Jo & David Orchardleigh038Jo & David Orchardleigh039Jo & David Orchardleigh040Jo & David Orchardleigh041Jo & David Orchardleigh042Jo & David Orchardleigh043Jo & David Orchardleigh044Jo & David Orchardleigh045Jo & David Orchardleigh046Jo & David Orchardleigh047Jo & David Orchardleigh048Jo & David Orchardleigh049Jo & David Orchardleigh050Jo & David Orchardleigh052Jo & David Orchardleigh053Jo & David Orchardleigh054Jo & David Orchardleigh055Jo & David Orchardleigh056Jo & David Orchardleigh057Jo & David Orchardleigh058Jo & David Orchardleigh060Jo & David Orchardleigh061Jo & David Orchardleigh062Jo & David Orchardleigh063Jo & David Orchardleigh064Jo & David Orchardleigh065Jo & David Orchardleigh066Jo & David Orchardleigh067Jo & David Orchardleigh068Jo & David Orchardleigh069Jo & David Orchardleigh070Jo & David Orchardleigh071Jo & David Orchardleigh072Jo & David Orchardleigh073Jo & David Orchardleigh074Jo & David Orchardleigh075Jo & David Orchardleigh076Jo & David Orchardleigh077Jo & David Orchardleigh078Jo & David Orchardleigh079Jo & David Orchardleigh080Jo & David Orchardleigh081Jo & David Orchardleigh082Jo & David Orchardleigh083Jo & David Orchardleigh084Jo & David Orchardleigh085Jo & David Orchardleigh086Jo & David Orchardleigh087Jo & David Orchardleigh088Jo & David Orchardleigh089Jo & David Orchardleigh090Jo & David Orchardleigh091Jo & David Orchardleigh092Jo & David Orchardleigh093Jo & David Orchardleigh094Jo & David Orchardleigh095Jo & David Orchardleigh096Jo & David Orchardleigh097Jo & David Orchardleigh136 Jo & David Orchardleigh100Jo & David Orchardleigh101Jo & David Orchardleigh099Jo & David Orchardleigh102Jo & David Orchardleigh103Jo & David Orchardleigh108Jo & David Orchardleigh104Jo & David Orchardleigh106Jo & David Orchardleigh107
Jo & David Orchardleigh110Jo & David Orchardleigh111Jo & David Orchardleigh112Jo & David Orchardleigh113Jo & David Orchardleigh114Jo & David Orchardleigh115Jo & David Orchardleigh116Jo & David Orchardleigh117Jo & David Orchardleigh122Jo & David Orchardleigh118Jo & David Orchardleigh119Jo & David Orchardleigh120Jo & David Orchardleigh121Jo & David Orchardleigh125
Jo & David Orchardleigh124
Jo & David Orchardleigh135Jo & David Orchardleigh126Jo & David Orchardleigh127Jo & David Orchardleigh128Jo & David Orchardleigh129Jo & David Orchardleigh130
Jo & David Orchardleigh132Jo & David Orchardleigh133Jo & David Orchardleigh134
Jo & David Orchardleigh131 “Wow!!!!  These are absolutely amazing.  I’ve just gone through them all and have been laughing out loud to myself in the middle of the office as the memories are all coming flooding back.  Some of my colleagues think I’m a bit strange I imagine! I can’t thank you enough for capturing the story of the day, including all the incredible emotions that went with it.  These will be photos we will treasure forever and they could not be better. “

Jo and David

My thanks go to Manchester Wedding Photographer Paul Atherton who joined me on this shoot.

If you’re planning a wedding at Orchardleigh House – or looking for a wedding photographer for any other fabulous venue do get in touch. Many thanks for reading!  🙂

Frank Wood