Wedding Group Shot Template

Please find below my group shots template. I always advise clients to choose no more than 10-15 photos. Each photo can take 2-3 minutes so be aware that 10 photos can easily take half an hour. If all people are in the right location we can get them done fairly quickly. What really lengthens the time needed is finding an aunt or an uncle who have gone to the bar or the toilet – this really delays everything. I really need 2 good right hand men or women on the day to gather guests for me. This is a really important role so think carefully who is best for this. With the right people this can all go very swiftly and efficiently. Whilst I’m shooting a group these helpers can be thinking about getting the next group of people together. I’m sure you don’t want the group photos to take up too much precious time on your day so it’s worth a bit of planning to get this bit right. If we can get them done quickly I can return to what I love doing – concentrating on the moments that make your wedding unique.

Bride & Family

Bride & parents
Bride & Groom & Bride’s parents
Bride & grandparents
Bride & Groom & Bride’s grandparents
Bride & Groom & all Bride’s family
Bride & siblings

Groom & Family

Groom & parents
Bride & Groom & Groom’s parents
Groom & grandparents
Bride & Groom & Groom’s grandparents
Bride & Groom & all Groom’s family
Groom & siblings

Bride & Groom & Both Sides’ Parents

Bride & Groom with all parents

Other VIPs

Bride, Groom, Best Man & Chief Bridesmaid
Bride with Bridesmaids
Groom with Groomsmen
Bride & Groom & bridesmaids & groomsmen