I was delighted to come back to Dudley Priory when Tina and Nitish asked if we could have their engagement shoot there as they loved the photos from a previous shoot I’d done there. I captured some lovely springtime photos with the daffodils out in all their glory. We had a great time. They were a bit nervous at first I think but I soon relaxed them with my witter banter and my relaxed approach. 😉

I’m very much looking forward to photographing their wedding at Ragley Hall this summer – it’s such a fabulous wedding venue. 🙂

Tina Nitish E Shoot006Tina Nitish E Shoot001Tina Nitish E Shoot002Tina Nitish E Shoot003

Tina Nitish E Shoot007Tina Nitish E Shoot012Tina Nitish E Shoot014Tina Nitish E Shoot016Tina Nitish E Shoot018Tina Nitish E Shoot019Tina Nitish E Shoot020Tina Nitish E Shoot021Tina Nitish E Shoot022Tina Nitish E Shoot024Tina Nitish E Shoot028Tina Nitish E Shoot029Tina Nitish E Shoot030Tina Nitish E Shoot031Tina Nitish E Shoot032Tina Nitish E Shoot033Tina Nitish E Shoot035Tina Nitish E Shoot036Tina Nitish E Shoot037Tina Nitish E Shoot041Tina Nitish E Shoot044Tina Nitish E Shoot045Tina Nitish E Shoot039Tina Nitish E Shoot048

If you’re getting married at Ragley Hall or any other venue and are looking for a wedding photographer do get in touch 🙂

Frank Wood

UK Wedding Photographer