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Today is Bo and Jonny’s fabulous wedding that I photographed at Compton Verney. I met Bo for the first time on the morning of the wedding believe it or not! I was given a very warm welcome at Bo’s parents house. I was given a pair of slippers to wear – I think they were pink come to think of it! 🙂  I was offered a lot of food which was very kind! I captured the girls getting ready. There were some lovely moments – I loved Bo coming down the stairs and her Dad seeing her for the first time.  I love capturing precious, natural moments like this. I then headed over to Compton Verney for the reception.

I’ve shot a number of times at Compton Verney. It’s such a fantastic wedding venue. I’m going to be there quite a few times next year too – always a pleasure. The art collection is stunning and the Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown-landscaped grounds are beautiful. Although the weather was a bit gloomy (it didn’t rain though – that’s the main thing), the wedding was anything but – it was joyous! I had a fantastic time capturing some lovely moments throughout the day – you can see the joy on the guests’ faces. Although I shoot at Compton regularly, the way I capture weddings (- i.e. focusing on the people and the story of the wedding) each one is totally unique and is reflected in the photos.

I was so pleased to receive the following email from Bo. It is so lovely to know that you have played a key role in creating lasting memories of a couple’s special day. Congratulations Bo and Jonny – I wish you every success in the future. x

“We really enjoyed having you as our photographer. It was effortless arranging everything with you, even though we didn’t get a chance to meet up beforehand. You were a pleasure to have around on the day and we felt very relaxed around you. Most of all however, we love our photos and have looked through them many times already. They capture our day perfectly and also show us lots of great moments we didn’t see in person! We would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone!” Bo and Jonny

Bo and Jonny004Bo and Jonny005Bo and Jonny006Bo and Jonny008Bo and Jonny009Bo and Jonny002Bo and Jonny003Bo and Jonny007Bo and Jonny011Bo and Jonny012Bo and Jonny013Bo and Jonny014Bo and Jonny015Bo and Jonny017Bo and Jonny016Bo and Jonny018Bo and Jonny019Bo and Jonny021Bo and Jonny022Bo and Jonny023Bo and Jonny028Bo and Jonny024Bo and Jonny025Bo and Jonny027Bo and Jonny029Bo and Jonny030Bo and Jonny037Bo and Jonny036Bo and Jonny031Bo and Jonny033Bo and Jonny032Bo and Jonny034Bo and Jonny035

Bo and Jonny043Bo and Jonny038Bo and Jonny039Bo and Jonny040Bo and Jonny041Bo and Jonny042Bo and Jonny001-3Bo and Jonny044Bo and Jonny045Bo and Jonny046Bo and Jonny049Bo and Jonny048Bo and Jonny051Bo and Jonny052Bo and Jonny053Bo and Jonny054Bo and Jonny055Bo and Jonny057Bo and Jonny058Bo and Jonny059Bo and Jonny060Bo and Jonny061Bo and Jonny062Bo and Jonny063Bo and Jonny064Bo and Jonny065Bo and Jonny066Bo and Jonny067Bo and Jonny068Bo and Jonny069Bo and Jonny070Bo and Jonny072Bo and Jonny073Bo and Jonny074Bo and Jonny075Bo and Jonny076Bo and Jonny077Bo and Jonny078Bo and Jonny079Bo and Jonny080Bo and Jonny081Bo and Jonny082Bo and Jonny083Bo and Jonny084Bo and Jonny085Bo and Jonny086Bo and Jonny087Bo and Jonny088Bo and Jonny089Bo and Jonny090Bo and Jonny091Bo and Jonny092Bo and Jonny093Bo and Jonny094Bo and Jonny096Bo and Jonny095Bo and Jonny097Bo and Jonny098Bo and Jonny001-2Bo and Jonny099Bo and Jonny100Bo and Jonny101Bo and Jonny103Bo and Jonny102Bo and Jonny104Bo and Jonny105Bo and Jonny106Bo and Jonny107Bo and Jonny108Bo and Jonny109Bo and Jonny110Bo and Jonny112Bo and Jonny113Bo and Jonny114

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