At the end of June (yes it has taken that long for me to do some blogging!) I photographed Abi and Stef’s Greek wedding. Wow! The Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony took place at the Greek Orthodox Church of Coventry then the reception was held at Chesford Grange in Kenilworth.

I met with Abi at the hotel and captured the traditional Greek Orthodox rituals before the ceremony. When Abi had dressed, her parents and other relatives gave her their blessing by crossing a red scarf around Abi’s waist and her head – this is to symbolise fertility. A censer (a vessel in which incense is burned) was used to bless her and to protect her. After some food, the wedding party headed to the Greek Orthodox Church of Coventry for the wedding ceremony. It’s such a beautiful church with so many beautiful icons on the walls.

The ceremony took place in both Greek and English. During the service the crowning took place. The bride and groom are crowned with thin crowns that are joined with a white ribbon which are blessed by the priest. The bride and groom are regarded as part of the royal family of God and are crowned king and queen of their own dominion, their new fellowship and family. The crowns symbolise the glory and honour that are bestowed upon them by God and the ribbons symbolise unity. Following the ceremony we had some group shots in front of the icons, then we headed to Chesford Grange for the reception. As will see we were blessed with gorgeous weather and I was able to take some beautiful portraits in the beautiful garden at Chesford Grange.

I loved the Greek dancing and the Money dance in the evening- the guests had a great time as you can see from the photos! Anyway, I’ve talked too much – enjoy the photos!


 “Hi Frank. Just had a chance to go through the photos. They are magnificent and capture the day beautifully!! How you managed it I will never know “. Abi and Stef

Abi & Stef068Abi & Stef001Abi & Stef002Abi & Stef003Abi & Stef004Abi & Stef005Abi & Stef006Abi & Stef007Abi & Stef008Abi & Stef009Abi & Stef010Abi & Stef011Abi & Stef012Abi & Stef013Abi & Stef022Abi & Stef015Abi & Stef016Abi & Stef017Abi & Stef019Abi & Stef020Abi & Stef021
Abi & Stef023Abi & Stef024Abi & Stef025Abi & Stef026Abi & Stef027Abi & Stef028Abi & Stef029Abi & Stef031Abi & Stef032Abi & Stef033Abi & Stef035Abi & Stef037Abi & Stef038Abi & Stef039Abi & Stef040Abi & Stef041Abi & Stef042Abi & Stef043Abi & Stef044Abi & Stef045Abi & Stef046Abi & Stef047Abi & Stef048Abi & Stef049Abi & Stef050Abi & Stef052Abi & Stef053Abi & Stef054Abi & Stef055Abi & Stef056Abi & Stef057Abi & Stef058Abi & Stef059Abi & Stef060Abi & Stef062Abi & Stef063Abi & Stef064Abi & Stef065Abi & Stef066Abi & Stef067Abi & Stef069Abi & Stef070Abi & Stef072Abi & Stef073Abi & Stef075Abi & Stef076Abi & Stef078Abi & Stef077Abi & Stef079Abi & Stef080Abi & Stef082Abi & Stef083Abi & Stef084Abi & Stef085Abi & Stef086Abi & Stef087Abi & Stef088Abi & Stef089Abi & Stef090Abi & Stef091Abi & Stef092Abi & Stef093

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