Gosh, didn’t 2015 go quickly! It feels like only the other day I was putting my favourite photos from 2014 together. Below are images that resonate with me for some reason – some natural moments, some portraits.

2015 was my busiest year yet – it was hectic. At one point I had a backlog of 8 weddings to edit! I’ve been exceptionally lucky as I’ve had great couples who’ve been really kind and welcoming on their big days. I’ve been to some fabulous wedding venues – castles, marquees, stately homes, and documented some wonderful moments. 2016 looks set to be equally busy with some great venues coming up – even a wedding in Lanzarote which I’m really looking forward to!

In 2015, as in every other year, I have been keen to learn more, to hone my craft and to network with other fellow wedding photographers – that leads me to joining the wedding photography group Fearless. In March I went with some photographer friends to Bucharest. Had a great time (fascinating city) and was really inspired by the speakers. Just recently in November I went to Nine Dots (a wedding photography conference) which was great and again got to see some fabulous wedding photographers. I think it’s important as an artist to keep pushing boundaries, not get complacent, to keep trying new ideas and to be, well, creative! 

In 2015 I was delighted to be shortlisted for best wedding photographer in the West Midlands. Maybe one day I will win it, but in the meantime I aim to delight my couples with beautiful memories of their big day.

Many thanks to the couples who booked in 2015 and to those who have already booked me for 2016 and 2017.

Enjoy the photos!

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